Credit Union

APPEAL, Inc. plans to create a credit union*, a financial institution providing high-quality banking services for its members and facilitating financial and economic empowerment, focusing on communities of people of African descent. Our plan is to provide on-line banking services with this credit union, thereby making the credit union accessible to its members wherever they may be located.

* APPEAL, Inc. plans to meet the requirements for obtaining a credit union charter; however, there is no guarantee that our credit union charter application will be approved by the chartering entity (the National Credit Union Administration).

  • APPEAL Slide Presentation
    View a slide presentation that will provide you with pertinent information about APPEAL, Inc., its programs, and its credit union initiative.
  • How to Become a Member of the Credit Union
    Being a member of APPEAL is required in order to become a member of the planned Credit Union. Become a member of APPEAL.
  • Contribute to Credit Union Start-Up Costs Fund
    In order for APPEAL’s credit union initiative to be successful, sufficient funding to cover start-up costs must be raised. Give a donation