Historical & Cultural Literacy

APPEAL’s Historical & Cultural Literacy component includes a workshop series, a video warehouse, a reading list, and a resource bank to connect people to services and products that they may need or want in the realm of African/Black history, culture, socio-economic analysis and/or education. You can explore each of these below. The term “historical and cultural literacy” refers to teaching people to become proficient in the knowledge of the basics of world history and African/Black history and culture, and facilitating people’s progression from the basics to intermediate and advanced knowledge on various aspects of this vast history and culture in relation to past and present socio-economic conditions, particularly for people of African descent, locally, nationally and globally.

APPEAL offers a powerful and dynamic series of Historical & Cultural Literacy workshops, designed to inform, educate, enlighten, and encourage positive and progressive action. For each workshop, our presenters and facilitators are well-qualified subject-matter experts.

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APPEAL Historical & Cultural Literacy Videos and Recommended Reading List

APPEAL offers recommended videos, a recommended reading list, and, for APPEAL members, video viewing of APPEAL workshops.

Note: The following are references and links to videos on YouTube. APPEAL, Inc. refers you to them for informational purposes only, we do not have nor claim any rights to these videos or their contents, and we are not seeking to profit from them in any way. By making reference to these videos, we are simply fulfilling part of our non-profit educational purpose by directing people to what we believe is useful information that is already available to the public free of charge. While we think these videos contain valuable information, their contents do not necessarily represent the views of APPEAL, Inc.