Lasana K. Mack Think Tank

APPEAL’s Lasana K. Mack Think Tank exists for the purpose of analyzing and addressing important issues, particularly historical, cultural, socio-economic and/or education issues relevant to people of African descent. Our Think Tank serves as a hub for the exchange of progressive and Pan-Africanist research, thought and analysis. APPEAL’s position papers document the organization’s position on various issues. APPEAL also reviews research and analysis produced by others on various topics, and we recommend those that we feel are worthy of being presented and explored. We provide a forum for these topics to be addressed in order to educate the public and to facilitate actions, by APPEAL and by others, that positively impact these important issues. You may access APPEAL’s position papers and APPEAL-recommended research and analysis below:

  • APPEAL Position Papers (coming soon)
  • APPEAL-Recommended Research and Analysis (coming soon)

APPEAL Position Papers

  • Development of a Comprehensive Model for Economic Empowerment (in progress; coming soon)
  • Why is APPEAL Necessary? (coming soon)
  • Exploitation of Africa’s Wealth of Natural Resources (coming soon)
  • Socio-Economic Analysis of Urban America (coming soon)
  • Mis-Education of African/Black People (coming soon)
  • Dynamics of Domination and Liberation (coming soon)
  • What is Pan-Africanism and Why Do We Advocate It? (coming soon)